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Counseling for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Are you exhausted?  Do you feel isolated - like no one truly understands your life? This wasn’t your dream of what parenting would be like, and maybe you find yourself feeling angry or resentful…

Meeting the needs of a child from hard places, a child with differing abilities, or a child who has a medical diagnosis, is a journey not everyone understands.

You want your child to grow up to be a happy, thriving adult.  The problem is, as a parent, you and your child face struggles many don’t.  It’s not your fault and it’s not your child’s fault, but you’re both getting older, and it’s just getting harder.

The constant juggling of needs is taking its toll on you and your other relationships.

The parents I work with are feeling deeply depleted.  They are running on fumes, and are starting to realize that in order to keep going - caring for themselves is no longer a want, but a need.

If you know you need a safe place to refuel, you can start by setting one hour a week aside just for you.  Together we can help you:

  • discover ways to conserve your energy, as well as replenish it
  • better understand your own attachment style
  • explore how your growing up experience may be affecting your parenting
  • feel more at peace - so you can parent in a calmer manner - even in the tough moments
  • determine a plan to help you move from survival to discovering yourself again

We’ll meet online or in my office, whichever works for you.    

If you’re ready for a change, let’s set a time for your free 15 minute consultation. Considering your needs is not selfish - caring for yourself is actually one of the best things you can do to love your family.   Let’s chat.

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parenting training

Are you frustrated with your child?   Do you feel like no matter what you try it just doesn’t seem to be working? 

Do you find yourself angry and yelling, followed by a flood of guilt and worry?

Being a parent is a tough job!

There have been many times as a mom of 4 that I wished my children came with their own individual instruction guides.  I understand how challenging and exhausting the parenting journey can be!

If you’ve been offered advice from well intentioned people, but traditional parenting techniques just don’t seem to be working with your child, you’re in the right place.

I will help you understand how to best meet the unique needs of your child by providing you with evidence based parenting training that emphasizes connection in balance with correction. 

Parenting Training is available in my Lutz/Tampa office, or online throughout the state of Florida.

When you receive personalized parenting support in a judgement free, empathic environment, you can discover why you are struggling and what you can do to see improvement.

My goals are to help you strengthen your connections as a family, reduce stress in your home, and support your child’s development with practical strategies that work in real life.

I will also assist you, as a parent, to care for yourself.

I look forward to talking with you so you can feel more confident in your parenting and experience higher levels of peace and connection in your home.

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counseling and support for infertility and pregnancy loss

So far, the road to parenthood isn’t at all what you thought it would be. 

You’ve experienced a rollercoaster of emotion - crawling slowly up towards hope - only to speed back down into sadness, anger, and disappointment. 

You and your partner may be handling the emotional aspects of what you are going through differently, leaving you feeling disconnected from the one person you wish you could turn to. 

And when friends and family say well meaning things like, “you can try again” and “everything happens for a reason,” it just leaves you feeling more alone.

Walking through the journey of infertility or pregnancy loss, and the accompanying grief, is heartbreaking  - and it’s real.   

Talking honestly to someone who can help you process can make a difference.

Whether we meet in my office or online, we will create a safe space where you can tell your story, grieve, and find new tools to navigate your worries so you can discover peace in your circumstances.

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