counseling for children

If your concerns about your child leave you feeling stressed and unsure how to parent, you are not alone. 

Many parents struggle with how to help their child with behavioral challenges, through a difficult adjustment,  or when he/she seems anxious, angry, or sad. 

The good news is, there can be improvement. 

Therapy can help your child:

  • learn new important life skills
  • increase confidence and self esteem
  • experience a closer connection with you
  • process difficult experiences and feelings, and express feelings in a healthy way
  • develop a greater ability to calm down and express needs with words, not behavior
  • improve overall performance at school

Many of the children I work with are ages 2-12 years old and are:

  • going through difficult adjustments
  • struggling with social connections and seem to have a hard time making or keeping friends
  • having regular “meltdowns” that are draining the whole family
  • presenting with behavioral challenges (often associated with ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, ODD, Developmental Trauma) at home and/or school 
  • anxious and seem to worry about small things
  • impacted by a history that includes broken attachments and/or trauma (come from a hard place)

The families I serve are often looking for a child counselor in Tampa who is trauma informed and attachment focused, and/or adoption competent.  Some are particularly looking for a TBRI Practitioner (Trust Based Relational Intervention counseling).

I work best with parents who want to be included in the therapeutic process and desire a counselor that will support their parent/child connection.

Because you’re busy, I provide services in my office, in your home, and online (for parent training), so we’ll find a combination that works for your family’s schedule.

Sessions are interactive and catered to your child’s unique needs.

Taking the first step to reach out for support can feel scary.  It’s ok if you’re still not sure if therapy is right for your family.  I’ll do my best to answer your questions during your free 15 minute consultation where we’ll determine if our working together is a good fit.  If not, no problem - I’ll do my best to help you think through available options.

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If you want to fast track the learning curve, we can determine an individualized intensive program that will best meet the needs of your family.

An intensive may be helpful if you want hands on support and modeling as you seek to implement attachment focused/ trauma informed/TBRI principles for parenting.

For some, an intensive intervention can include two sessions per week (typically up to 2 hours per session) - these will focus on both direct work with you and your child, as well as a parent training component.

A personalized weekend intensive typically includes:

  • online parenting training (up to 8 hours) provided prior to face to face sessions.
  • in home family therapy Friday evening/Saturday (hours to be determined)
  • follow up online parent training - so you will have ongoing support in implementing all that you have learned

As a licensed therapist, I am able to provide therapeutic services for families anywhere in the state of Florida.  I accept a select number of clients per year who request that I travel to their location for a personalized in home intensive.

Intensives are also available in my hometown of Tampa.  I would love to welcome you to my city.  Outside of the hours we work together, you can experience the many fun family activities Tampa Bay has to offer.  Per your request, all travel accommodations can be arranged for your convenience.

If this sounds of interest, I’ll look forward to speaking with you about your family’s current needs and goals.

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