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In whatever way your life is touched by adoption, I hope to offer you support and the help you are seeking.  I serve all members of the adoption triad and bring over 20 years of experience specifically serving adoptive parents, children and birth/first parents in a variety of capacities.

As a TBRI Practitioner (Trust Based Relational Intervention) and an Adoption Competent Trainer for the State of Florida, I practice in a manner that is attachment focused and trauma informed.

I provide counseling for:

  • Individuals or couples considering adoption
  • Individuals or couples required to participate in counseling pertaining to embryo adoption
  • Parents who have adopted (click here to read more)
  • Children - both pre and post adoption (click here to read more)
  • Adults who were adopted
  • First/Birth parents, pre and post placement, including Birth Parent Interviews

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Are you exploring adoption and trying to understand the different options?  Has wading through the online world left you feeling more paralyzed than prepared?   Are you in the adoption process and want to learn more about attachment and starting well with your child?

That’s where I can help. 

As an adoption professional, I have served all members of the adoption triad for many years.  My heart has been touched in inexplicable ways by those I have encountered - I could tell stories for days!   

I have served families pursing domestic adoption, international adoption, embryo adoption, and adoption via the US foster care system.   Additionally, as an adoptive parent, I have my own unique experiences that have provided me with an extra measure of “I get it!”

Our consultation time will begin with a questionnaire that will allow me to better understand your questions, hopes, goals, and concerns.

During our time together, I will assist you in :

  • exploring the adoption options (domestic, international, via the US foster care system)
  • understanding common misconceptions and replacing them with truths
  • more deeply understanding the possible long terms needs of your future child
  • becoming trauma informed
  • considering how adoption might impact other children in your home and how to best consider everyone’s needs
  • understanding how to enhance attachment with your child from your first moments together, as well as how to explain your child’s needs to extended family members and daycare/school professionals.

We can meet together in my office or online.  I am available for personal support and continued education throughout the process.

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TBRI training/parent workshops

If you are looking for a TBRI Caregiver training,  I provide trainings for individuals, couples, and groups.

Workshops on a variety of topics are also available for your group or organization.

To further discuss options, please contact me at 813-777-5961 or